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Little Amazon is actually located in Takua Pa and it is easy to get on this tour from Khao Lak. Tours that are out in nature where one can easily get close to the incredible flora and fauna, and of course experience the amazing wildlife we have here in Thailand. It is always an educational experience to get close to the great outdoors, and Little Amazon is an absolutely great half day tour, and it is very popular with couples of all ages as well as it is always a winner with families with children.

Little Amazon Important Trade Route Point Between Thailand and India
Apparently hundreds of years ago ships from India landed in this area of Takua Pa. Sailboats led to the Andaman Coast by the Monsoon, now known as the rainy season, discharged their goods into small boats here at Little Amazon that were then sailed to the Gulf of Thailand by these channels that Little Amazon is located on, to then be loaded onto bigger ships and sailed to Bangkok. The cargo coming from India to Thailand was usually herbs and spices and they traded it with Thai Silk which was already famous in the 17-18th century. When the Monsoon winds shifted from east to west the Indian ships would sail back to India.

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What To Expect From The Little Amazon Tour
Little Amazon is one of those tours from Khao Lak where you get really close to Thai nature. Being paddled in a three-man kayak you have both hands free to take photos and videos of the amazing wildlife that surrounds you in the water channel at Little Amazon. Don’t despair if the water seems a bit low when you enter the kayak, as there is plenty of water in the channels where you go. The boatsman will row you, and he’s really good at pointing out the wildlife and he will stop the boat at every photo opportunity.

Some of the boatmen grew up around these channels. Little Amazon is full of wildlife; lizards, snakes, monkeys, fish, a lot of interesting birds, all to be experienced up close on this half day tour from Khao Lak.

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