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Premium excursions from the Khao Lak Area. Should you have any questions please reach out to us through Signal where we are live from 08:00-15:00 Every Day.

Can We Book A Private Tour in Khao Lak?

With Tours Khao Lak private tours can easily be arranged. We often have people enquire about going on private tours from Khao Lak, and their reasons range from being large groups of friends, families, and more often than ever couples just want to be on their own at any given tour from Khao Lak. Some elderly go on a private tour as they don’t want to be rushed and don’t want to slow down any given group. At Tours Khao Lak we always do our best to meet people’s personal preferences, we want all of our customers to have a fantastic day out on a tour from Khao Lak.

Which Tours in Khao Lak Are Semi Private?

Technically any tour can be made private, but as a tour like Bamboo Rafting is formed so that two people get on a bamboo raft together, so that part of the tour you will be kind of private. The transportation to and from the resort you are staying at as well as the lunch is shared. A trip to the Little Amazon in Takua Pa is pretty much the same; two people in a canoe with the boat handler and you are on the go as a private couple.

Private Tours in Khao Lak

Some of the tour companies in and around Khao Lak we have partnered with have organized private tours as part of their programs. Would you like to go on a private tour as a family to the elephant park? This can easily be arranged as the elephant park only allows smaller children on certain excursions as other tours could be dangerous with kids running around, elephants are sensitive animals. Another great tour that is often booked as a private tour is Mangrove Explorers; again here it is mainly done by families with 2-4 kids, and also small groups of friends celebrating marriage, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Private Village Tour Khao Lak

The absolutely most booked private tour we have listed is the Thai Village Tour that goes on a group tour from Khao Lak every Friday. On other days Monday to Thursday, both days included, we are often filled up with people who want to go on a private tour from Khao Lak on the enlightening and very educational Thai Village Tour. Nett, being the main tour guide, shares a wealth of information on this trip; Buddhism, the symbols, the temples, the dogma, and being blessed by a Buddhist monk is a very special event that can only be experienced on this tour. Learn about how the Chinese shrine is a large part of the local community in Thai Mueang; Vegetarian Festival, Turtle Festival, Chinese New Year, are centered around the shrine and have one or more parades going through the streets. Then there is the visit to Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center where rescued injured turtles recover as well as turtle eggs that have been found on the beaches on the Andaman Coast are being hatched before the turtles are being released on Thai Mueang Beach into the Andaman Sea.

More Private Tours from Khao Lak

As mentioned it is possible to go on private tours on all the tours we have listed on, all you have to do is to inquire at least some days in advance to be sure that we are able to arrange the private tour for you. Have a look at our tours on this page, and be sure to book your tour on the tour page itself:

Should you have any questions you may reach out to us on Signal (see bottom of this page) where we are live for a chat every day on this number: +66-848470577 Don’t be shy, we are here to assist you.

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