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Want to get around in the Khao Lak area?

Need to organize a taxi around Khao Lak?
Let us help you to learn more about all of your local taxiing options in the area…


A holiday in Khao Lak can be lots of fun and it is great to be able to get out and about and explore the local area. The easiest way to do this is to get a taxi driver to take you around and you can organize a taxi service through a local tour agent such as Tours Khao Lak.

If you want to go on a specific tour, then you can also organize this through Tours Khao Lak where you will be provided with a tour guide as well as transport, and you can learn things about the area while you tour.

There are lots of different trips you can go on in a Khao Lak taxi around the area, including:

  • Khao Sok National Park
  • Explore the local waterfalls such as Chong Fah
  • Discovering Takua Pa Old Town
  • Shopping in Khao Lak Center or at Bang Niang Market
  • Taking a day trip to Phuket for shopping and sightseeing
  • Go to the local beaches including White Sand Beach, Bang Sak, Khuekkhak, Nang Tong, Bang Niang and Pak Weep

You can also call a Khao Lak taxi to simply take you around Bang Niang and Khao Lak. For example, you might want to head to the market and it’s raining so you don’t want to walk from your hotel. If you get in touch with us here at Tours Khao Lak, we can send you a local taxi to take you to/from your resort or guesthouse.

Another good time to call for a taxi is in the evenings if you want to go out for a few drinks or enjoy a nice meal outside of your resort. If it’s not stifling hot in Khao Lak, then it could be raining and either way the weather is never good for walking very far! Simply call us for a taxi and we will pick you up from your hotel and take you to where you want to go. This is far easier than getting a taxi from the side of the road and having to haggle the price every time you want to go somewhere. You can also arrange for the driver to collect you at a set time and using a taxi driver that comes from a tour agency is a great way to eliminate the stress of worrying about who you are getting in a car with. You can be sure you won’t get ripped off but it is still important to discuss the price when the driver arrives and hears about your destination.

Get in touch through the chat on this website or simply reach out to Tours Khao Lak on Signal (see bottom of this page) and we will send you one of the best local taxis:


If you are looking for an airport transfer please go to our Khao Lak taxi booking Here


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