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The Thai Village Tour from Khao Lak is without a doubt our most informative Excursion, and with the Tour Guide, Nett,  who is a wealth of  Knowledge. So what are we going to experience on the Thai Village Tour?


Thai Mueang Morning Market
First tour destination is to the morning market in Thai Mueang. This is a very traditional morning market; it opens up at around five o’clock in the morning where the breakfast stalls together with the vegetable and meat stalls are the first to open. I would say that about 90% of Thai people are up early every morning, typically between 5 and 6, in the morning it is not as hot as it will get during the day so this is when the house chores and market shopping is done. At Thai Mueang Morning Market people go shopping for; fresh vegetables, meat, fresh fish, rice, flowers, breakfast snacks, clothes, electrical appliances, and pretty much anything you may think of used in an everyday household. Click on the images to enlarge:


Tha Sai Temple – Buddhism & Monks
On a beach between Thai Mueang and Khok Kloi is where Tha Sai Temple is located. There are usually about 8 monks present at the temple at all times, and sometimes there are helpers from a nearby community to assist the monks. Early morning, usually starting between 5 and 6, the monks from the temple walk around town where alms are donated to the monks from locals living in the area. People are praised and blessings are given by the monks. What is so special about this destination is the fact that the tour guide on this tour, Nett, is a devout Buddhist and she is well known by the Abbot and the monks at the temple. At every visit donations are handed over to the monks, by you, and blessings are given to you by the monks. The blessings are extremely popular with people who have anniversaries, birthdays, and any other special occasions when going on this tour. Click on the images to enlarge:


The Chinese Shrine in Thai Mueang
In the center of Thai Mueang there is a Chinese Shrine, which is the second destination on the Thai Village Tour. There are many Chinese Shrines spread out all over Thailand. Many Thai people are Chinese descendants and many of their traditions have been passed down through the generations. The first celebration of the year is the Chinese New Year. It falls on the first New Moon of the year which is always between January 21st and February 21st. There is a parade going through town where households and businesses are blessed with the wish of good health and prosperity for the coming new year. The biggest festival connected to the Chinese Shrine in Thai Mueang is the Vegetarian Festival, Gin-Jay it’s called in Thai, it takes place over ten days in the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Schools from the area have performances on the stage in front of the shrine every evening, and there are activities going on every day around the Chinese Shrine. Parades, walking on fire, crossing the Red Bridge, etc. The main purpose of the festival is to cleanse the body, so one will only eat vegan food for 9-10 days, no milk products, no meat, no smelly vegetables like onion or garlic, no alcohol, no sex, and one of the more bizarre rules is that if a woman has her period she cannot attend the Vegetarian Festival. Click on the images to enlarge:


Thai Mueang Turtle Sanctuary
Located on Thai Mueang Beach you will visit the Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center, which by many is called Thai Mueang Turtle Sanctuary, not to be confused with the small navy base turtle sanctuary in Thap Lamu. Apart from turtles of all sizes there is also a lot of fish and other sea creatures as well as growth of Anemone and Corals. Click on the images to enlarge:


Traditional Thai Lunch in Thai Mueang
Since this tour is to a 100% Thai town the food is very traditional Thai cuisine, like the Thais eat it, many of our guests are often surprised by the variety and tastes from an original Thai kitchen. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Thai foods in the tourism areas, but locals often say that it is “Farangified” which means something like it is adapted to tourists with western food habits. Here in Thai Mueang you will experience Thai food as it has been cooked through generations and taught from mother to child. Thai food is meant to tickle all taste buds; sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter are tastes one should always experience when enjoying Thai food. Click on the images to enlarge:


Visit a Waterfall on The Way To Khao Lak
On our way back to Khao Lak we will visit a beautiful waterfall. Depending on the time of year and the water levels at the waterfalls we either go to Lampi or Ton Prai Waterfall. Lampi waterfall is recommended to people with limited walking abilities as Ton Prai is a 600 meter walk on a path through the jungle, along a river, to get to the waterfall itself.Should you want to know more about each waterfall at the time of year you would want to go on the Thai Village Tour, get in touch through. Click on the images to enlarge:


Nett, A Knowledgeable Thai Village Tour Guide
Nett is the tour guide on the Thai Village Tour. Nett grew up in Thai Mueang and her knowledge about this place, as well as her knowledge about Buddhism and the local community, its standards and traditions, is astounding. Nett took her Bachelor Degree in Thailand, she then took a master degree in hotel management and tourism, in Anger France. So apart from Thai, Nett also speaks English and French.

You will get back from this tour with a head full of knowledge, and hopefully it will open up your mind to the amazing culture and traditions we have here in Phang Nga, Thailand. Also we wish to open up your mind about Thai Traditions, the Culture, and the lovely people you meet. We want you to learn as much as possible in Amazing Thailand, and more questions might arise.


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