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Here on TKL Tours Khao Lak we promote tour companies with the best Khao Lak Tours from the Khao Lak Area, who have their own unique Khao Lak tours, not two tours are the same. With so many options, it can never be a boring holiday. Welcome to Khao Lak.

Couple Bathing an Elephant in Phang Nga

Located in the beautiful area of Khao Lak, Phang Nga, Thailand, we are right in the center of paradise. We specialize in unique experiences with a wide range of tours in Khao Lak, Thai Mueang, Phuket, Phang Nga Bay, Khao Sok, and other places in amazing Thailand.

Cheow Lan Lake tour From Khao Lak
Bamboo Rafting from Khao Lak

Khao Lak Tours

We know that if you are on a holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand, you also want to go out on excursions and experience tours in Khao Lak exactly as close to real life as possible, picking up memories of a lifetime. There are so many Khao Lak tours to choose from which is why we have narrowed the tours down for you to only present the best Khao Lak tours here on TKL Tours Khao Lak. The absolute most popular half day tour in Khao Lak is Bamboo Rafting, this Khao Lak Tour is very popular and there is a couple of reasons for that; it’s a short distance from your Khao Lak Hotel, it’s the cheapest tour in Khao Lak, and going on a bamboo raft tour down a river in Khao Lak is an amazing experience. The Bamboo Rafting Tour also takes you to a waterfall where you can go for a swim, and the rescued turtles are always a winner for people of all ages.

James Bond Island Tour from Khao Lak

Canoeing in Phang Nga Bay, sailing in one of the world famous Thai longtail boats to visit a rock formation could sound like a tour from Khao Lak that not many people would go on, but this is actually also one of the most famous tours from Khao Lak. One of the major benefits of this Khao Lak tour is that you can get there all year around. Yes, low-season or high-season it is always possible to go on this tour from Khao Lak. Phang Nga Bay is on the east coast from the mainland, mangrove forests and the many limestone islands make this full day trip from Khao Lak one spectacular day out.

Khao Sok Tours from Khao Lak

Khao Sok National Park has one of the absolute oldest rainforests in the world, yes, older than the Amazon Jungle. Of the more popular Khao Sok Tours we have a jungle trek. This Khao Sok Tour is for the more adventurous tourists, it is a trek through the jungle; first we go and register at Khao Sok National Park office, and a park ranger will guide us through the jungle. Great footwear is a must of course, and after a couple of hours of jungle walk in Khao Sok you will be offered a coffee made over fire in a bamboo tube. This beautiful nature tour in Khao Sok will then take you down Sok River in a canoe, it is also possible to go for a swim in the Sok River. A four kilometer trek on this amazing Khao Sok tour is a must for nature lovers alike. Cheow Lan Lake Tour is another Khao Sok tour from Khao Lak, also located in Khao Sok National Park. You go on a longtail boat tour on the stunning Cheow Lan Lake, amazing views and sights, experience wild animals such as monkeys, elephants, water buffalos, bears, and with more than 300 bird species there is always something to look at. The world’s largest flower, Rafflesia, is another of the magical things you can experience on a Khao Sok Tour.

Thai Village Tour from Khao Lak

Of some of the newest tours we can mention ‘the Thai Village Tour’, an amazing day out where you get close to the Thai people as well as the amazing Thai culture. This unique tour from Khao Lak is a tour that you can only book here at TKL Tours Khao Lak, that’s right; no other tour companies in Khao Lak does this tour. Experience the Thai town; Thai Mueang, the amazing Ta Sai Temple where you will get blessed by the abbot, then you will go to the Chinese Shrine in the center of Thai Mueang, this is where all festivals are started; The Chinese New Year, the Vegetarian Festival, the Turtle Festival, all start at the shrine. The Thai Village Tour is the one and only tour from Khao lak you will need to go on to learn about Thai people in Phang Nga province, your tour guide, Nett, is from Thai Mueang herself and any question you might have about Thailand and Thai people Nett can answer in English and French. The Thai Village Tour from Khao Lak is a people’s tour, unforgettable.

Deep Sea Fishing Trip from Khao Lak

Longtail boat fishing trip from Khao Lak is popular with anglers from all over the world. You know who you are. Catch Barracuda, Grouper, Mackerel, El Dorado (also called Mahi Mahi and Dolphin Fish). Depending on what nature has in store for us on any given day; the sun, the moon, the wind and the sea, every fishing trip will be as unique as it can be on every fishing trip from Khao Lak. The Andaman Sea is connected with the Indian Ocean and today it is possible to go deep sea fishing from Khao Lak. Quality fishing equipment is included on this Khao Lak trip where you will go fishing with local fishermen. In their longtail boat, these guys have been fishing in the Andaman Sea since they were young boys. If you love fishing this is going to be an unforgettable day for you, together with like minded fishing buddies.

Airport Transfer and Taxi in Khao Lak

If you need to get picked up or taken to Krabi or Phuket International Airport we have a very extensive range of vehicles to bring you there or back. If you wish to go shopping in Phuket our car will take you there and wait for you until you are finished shopping and bring you back to your Khao Lak hotel. We can also take you to all the major cities in Thailand by car, pick-up truck, and mini-bus, go to our “Taxi & Minibus” page and check out our very competitive prices.

TKL Tours from Khao Lak

Above all we wish you to have an amazing experience on your holiday in the Khao Lak area and hope to welcome you with great holiday experiences with tours in and around the Khao Lak area. Should you have any questions about Khao Lak or about some of the tours on our website please reach out to chat with us, during daytime we are live at the office between 09:00 – 15:00, and always ready for a chat. TKL Tours Khao Lak at your service with English, Danish and French speaking people to give you the best advice about our Khao Lak Tours.

Sawasdee 🙂

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